February 15, 2007

Interesting article in INSECURE 10

Due to load of works, I rarely find chance to update this blog these days. Right like past years there are many pending jobs to finish before we all quit our offices for new year holidays. But this does not mean I'll leave blog idle.
Today I downloaded latest release of INSECURE magazine, trying to review it for interesting notes. I don`t believe this one as a technically useful magazine nor a good one on security management, how ever some times you`ll find cool articles inside. This months magazine include an article named "Climbing the security career mountain: how to get more than just a job" which is good reading for any of you out there just got interested in IT-SEC and try to get yourself ready for a position in this field.
I've been asked many times "How to become a security professional?" or "How those experts got their current positions? ". Well, I guess mentioned article cover most of these questions, and I liked the way author explains challenges for you. As you`ll read in article the true is that getting a good position is this field is really challenging and hard to archive but after all it`s a win-win game and no matter how you look at your job, you`re always learning something new.Finally if you want good results out of this field, you must try your BEST. I think below sentences in article are enough to show you what's really going on :

"in developing a real career in security, there
are very few areas of technology that you
won’t be required to know and understand at a
significant level. If you meet some of the best
security professionals, you’ll quickly realize
that they unix like a unix admin, Cisco routers
like a CCNP, Oracle like a DBA and C++ like a
software engineer. And they can keep up in a
conversation with any of those people."

You can get current release (10) from here.

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